Arkansas State Parks Tour

Sunset on DeGray Lake with text "Arkansas State Parks Tour: Adventure Awaits in the Natural State"

A tour of all the state parks in Arkansas is something I have been brainstorming about and getting pumped about over the last  few months, but I haven’t taken the time to get it all down until now! The physical Arkansas State Parks Tour is already underway, however. I have my {hiking} boots on the ground scouting out some of these overlooked (by me, at least) gems, and I’m thrilled to share them with you!

What does a tour of the Arkansas State Parks entail?

I’m glad you asked. I plan to visit each of the 52 State Parks of Arkansas and report back here about their history, their scenic gems, their must-see spots, and also answer your most burning questions, things like: “Can you camp there?” “Are there hiking trails and which ones are most recommended.” “Can you get a penny stamped (quite possibly the number one question on the list for my kid)?” “What are the educational facilities like?” I will be addressing more than this, but if you have a question you think I should add to the list, let me know!

Why a tour of the Arkansas State Parks?

As a family that loves exploring the outdoors, we have great fondness and appreciation for our National Parks System, but we also know that we have access to so many great parks right here in The Natural State!

Plus, we have a tendency to return back to the same parks over and over again even though we miss out on visiting all the other gems within the Arkansas State Parks system.

Lastly, we want to show them off to you and hopefully encourage all of you to come and visit them as well.

When will this tour kick off?

I’ve already begun visiting some of the Arkansas State Parks that until now were not even on my radar, and of course I will be highlighting some of our favorites that we can’t get enough of…so, you can look for the first stop on our tour to be posted next week!

A Year of Adventure {10K Women Trail Project}

Hike More, Smile More! Register for the 10K Women Trail Project

I’m so excited to announce that I have been selected as a Trailblazer for the 10K Women Trail Project! The 10K Women Trail Project is an initiative through Hike it Baby and is made possible by a Force of Nature grant from REI. What is the 10K Women Trail Project all about? Our main goal is to get more women and girls out hiking all over the United States.

Sunset Hike at Hobbs State Park
We kicked off the project with a sunset hike at Hobbs State Park!

Hike More, Smile More

If you are in Northwest Arkansas or any of the surrounding areas, I would love for you to come hike with me! The project kicked off on November 1 and continues through September of 2018, so if you can’t come on a hike right away there’s plenty of time to get outdoors and join in on the project. I will be hosting at least one hike per month.

10K Women Trail Project Tulip Tree Trail Hike
Second hike of the project, exploring the grounds around Crystal Bridges

Look for all of my planned hikes on my Facebook page or in my new Facebook group, Ozark Women Blazing Trails. I look forward to meeting other hiking enthusiasts. While the project focuses on getting women out to hike, men and boys are welcome to come along!

The first *official* hike of the 10K Women Trail Project at Tanyard Creek Nature Trail
The first *official* hike of the project at Tanyard Creek Nature Trail

Not from Northwest Arkansas?

You can still register for the 10K Women Trail Project and start hiking with your girlfriends! Once you’ve registered you can start logging hikes in which at least one other woman or girl accompanies you. Register here. Be sure to use the following hashtags when you post to social media: #forceofnature #hikeitbaby #10kwomentrailproject #togetherwehike

Who will you inspire to get out on the trails? Tell me in the comments or share you favorite trail to hike!