Make Your Own Pumpkin Puree {And what to do with it}

If all you’re doing with your pumpkins is carving them, you’re doing yourself a disservice! Making your own pumpkin puree is super simple and saves you from using the BPA-lined cans of puree (for convenience sake while still staying safe, there are a few brands who make boxed puree, check out this one and this one).

We went to the pumpkin patch in October to pick out our pumpkins and came home with a variety of pumpkins and squashes. There is nothing wrong with buying your pumpkins from the grocery store or Walmart, I buy them from those places as well, but I always try to buy local when I can.

Plus, going to the pumpkin patch is a lot of fun! And there are cute photo ops!

Once you have your pumpkin, wash it really well and cut it in half, from the stem down. 

Scoop out all of the seeds and guts. Set the seeds aside to roast later. Cover each half of the pumpkin with foil and set on a cookie sheet, foil side up. Place the cookie sheet in an oven preheated to 325 degrees. Bake for about an hour, or until the flesh is tender and is easily pierced by a fork. Once the pumpkins cool, scoop out the pumpkin flesh (or just peel away the skin) and puree in a food processor.

Now you’re all ready to make pumpkin goodness galore! Here are a few paleo pumpkin recipes to try with your fresh puree:

I tried to choose recipes with simple ingredients for anyone who is not on a paleo diet, but wants to try some of these recipes anyway. Besides coconut flour and almond flour, most of the ingredients for these recipes should be things you already buy or have stocked in your pantry!

Do you have a favorite pumpkin recipe? The holidays are the perfect time to make both tried and true recipes and new ones that will wow your family and guests. Don’t you agree? I hope you have a very blessed Thanksgiving!

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