Worth the Wait {On growing & gardening}

Cupcakes and watermelon cake are hard to wait for when you're only 2!

Sometimes it’s hard to wait. I find myself saying this multiple times a day to my three and a half year old. I can say it without judgment or annoyance, because it’s a truth that we all face sometimes. It’s difficult to wait.

The truth is, I get impatient too. There are times when I simply don’t want to wait.

Over the last month or two, I have been developing a new objective for julianne gray. I wanted to jump right on and blog about it at the height of my excitement, but I made myself wait. During that time, I have not blogged at all. That may not have been the best decision, but I think I needed that space.


Each row of a garden needs its own space.

My garden is just getting underway; we put in the first seeds only yesterday. However, there was a lot that we had to do before we ever put a seed in the ground.

We cultivated our own compost to add to the soil (talk about worth the wait!) We planned out the garden. We purchased our seeds. We removed the winter cover. We pulled weeds. We reconfigured the layout of some of the leeks and onions that were already growing. We fertilized and tilled the soil. We made rows. We sowed the seeds.

If you are a gardener, I don’t have to tell you that these things are not just fluff (although methods vary and some do without some things I mentioned), they are necessary for plants to grow and thrive.

In this same way, I have been making plans, cultivating my ideas, and helping those ideas germinate into something bigger.

The thing is, I finally realized what I wanted to focus on here in this space, and that’s documenting the ways my family and I are trying to live with less, conserve more, and keep things simple. If that helps my readers to take small steps to grow our world into a greener place—a more sustainable, environmentally friendly place—so much the better. Confession: I don’t have all of the answers. I am not claiming that I get it all right all of the time.

What I do have is a passion for recycling, composting, growing your own food, living simply and with less, making instead of consuming, sustainability, supporting local, preserving the beauty of our world and caring for the Earth.

More details on all of this coming soon (including my garden!), I hope you don’t mind the wait.

In the meantime, I would love it if you would connect with me on Instagram and Facebook. I plan to be sharing some of those small ways we can make an impact on our world on those channels and I’d love to get your feedback!

8 thoughts on “Worth the Wait {On growing & gardening}

    1. Thanks Talya! I’m a newbie gardener so I know I will be looking to Grace, Grits & Gardening for all of your gardening wisdom!

  1. It’s true. No matter our age or stage of life, we find ourselves dealing with a certain amount of waiting. But that doesn’t mean something else isn’t happening during that time. Obviously, you’ve been doing lots of other things until the time is right to plant those seeds. I admire your approach to living, and I’m sure you’ll have a great crop after putting in all that work on it.

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