Bringing up baby

Okay, this goes out to all of the been-there-done-that moms out there. I am sure I will have many questions and will probably get more advice than I know what to do with, but right now I want to know two things.

1. What is the one item of baby gear that you just cannot live without? Preferably this thing is or was useful in the first few months after bringing baby home.

2. Alternately, what is the one item that you wish you had never purchased. Whether it was something that looked nice but didn’t function or just something that you bought and never even used.

I feel so lost on what to buy. I thought I could gather some insight from all the great moms I know (and some I’ve probably never met)! Thanks so much for your help.

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9 thoughts on “Bringing up baby

  1. A bassinet was my major go to item with all four of my babies. It's portable so you can put it anywhere. One item I had that didn't need was a playpen . I never used the one I had. Bottle warmers and wipe warmers….waste of money. Their booties don't mind room temp wipes and they're fine with room temp water. 🙂 Good luck! Hope this helps.
    Christi Melton

  2. Although I didn't use it right away I loved the Exersaucer. Both kids spent lots if time in it bouncing, spinning, etc. I do have a wipe warmer and I love it. I found that wiping with a warm wipe makes for a more peaceful night time diaper change, especially in cold nights.

    I bought a Bumbo seat and just never really used it…maybe because we had other things for the kiddos to lounge in.

  3. Bouncy seat! I'm not ashamed to say that 3 out of 4 of my kids basically lived/slept in one for months. I'm not a huge fan of the cart covers for the grocery store…

  4. Must haves 1.) Either a Baby Bjorn or a sling. 2.) a swing, 3.) Bouncy Seat, eventually an exersaucer or jumparoo. We had a jumparoo, and it has been a lifesaver over the past year. I actually wrote a blog post on this a while back. Maybe it'll help.

    I do have a cart cover and use it everywhere. It makes the seat more comfortable, and it's handy at a restaurant too./

    1. Do you have a specific carrier/sling that you recommend? I heard that the Bjorn works better as the baby gets older, but did you babywear when yours was a newborn? Thanks for the link, your post was really helpful!

  5. Don't forget your baby changing stations in America. If you don't like your baby you can simply trade it in at any baby changing station. They are found in bathrooms all across America.

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